Behaviour Supports

Supports for challenging behaviours

We work collaboratively to implement strategies and monitor outcomes and clearly identify the use of any restrictive practices in detail and include plans for reducing and eliminating the practice as well as monitoring and reviewing the plan Lodge plans containing regulated restrictive practices with the NDIS Commission

At My Support Loop, our specialist behaviour support team is approved for the implementation of restrictive practices with the people we support. We work alongside with our qualified Behaviour Therapists, the participants family, carers and any other guardian or relevant person such as support persons.

My Support Loop work with the implementing provider to ensure that regulated restrictive practices in the final behaviour support plan are authorised where required. My Support Loop uses person-centred strategies are applied first, with restrictive practices used as a last resort in response to a risk of harm to the person or others.

My Support Loop are registered with the NDIS Commission and submit monthly reports to the NDIS Commission on the use of restrictive practices.

My Support Loop has many connections with Behaviour Therapists, along with strong ties with a Recovery Coach and Phycologists, Counsellors, Youth Workers and social workers. We work endlessly to bring many providers together in one place to help individuals and families to feel supported and implement their NDIS plan effectively.

If you do not have this in your current NDIS plan, but feel that this could be useful to you or a loved one. Click the button below to make contact with the team at My Support Loop, and the Behaviour Support Team can support you to get connected.