My Support 

My Support Loop brings qualified and passionate support workers and support coordinators, to you and to the community. Through your NDIS funding or privately, we can tailor a package that embraces you and your personality. 

Our support's are designed for you to be connected to your community and maintain social inclusion and maintain independence at home.  It may be to help get your day started, weekly support to do your shopping or help with getting to appointments, or, supports around the house. Your support team can also assist around the home and yard. As well as connecting extra help and supports through Allied health services.

My Support Loop is Accredited Nationally through NDIS, we can tailored better-informed to your needs, goals and lifestyle, you and your family will be able to make better informed decisions and choices to your care. we are all about "UNITY" and together we have the strength to support you in achieving your goals and independence.

Our range of services

Supporting you to achieve your goals, big or small.

Assistance with daily living

Assisting you to be as independent as you can. Supporting you with self-care and household tasks, aimed at developing and maintaining your independence.

Smaller hours to 24/7 support in your home.

Social and Community Participation

Learning new skills, developing social skills and opening stronger networks. Supervising you to engage in community, social recreational or economic activities.

Supports available 7 days a week including public holidays.

Support with Household Tasks

Assisting you to be as independent as you can. Performing essential home cleaning as well as essential house and/or yard, including home maintenance services.

Preparation of meals, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, gardening.

Support Coordination and Psychosocial Recovery Coach 

To support and strengthen your ability to design and build your supports with a strong emphasis on linking you mainstream providers.

Recovery caches build capacity and resilience through stronger relationships to live a full and contributing life.

Positive Behaviour Support

Providing supports for challenging behaviours and helping you to achieve positive relationships and outcomes.

General and Specialised Transport

Supporting you to access supports outside of your home. Enabling the participant to travel to and from appointments, education facility, employment or the community.

Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages, transitions and supports.

Mentoring, peer-supports and individual skill development, volunteer assistance within your home or community.

Group Activities

Assisting and supporting you to access community, social and recreational activities in a group setting.

Innovative Community Participation

Enabling you to access mainstream activities. Supporting you to be part of the community and increase quality of life.

Assistance to access and maintain employment

Supporting you to successfully obtain and retain employment in the open or support labour market. 

Specialised supported employment

Assisting you to be as independent as you can. 

Assistance with Accommodation and Tenancy obligations

supporting, guiding. prompting to ensure you obtain and retain your appropriate accommodation.

Short Term Accommodation and Respite

supporting you and your carer/s by giving short breaks from their caring responsibilities and providing you time away.

Respite care can be for a few hours during the day or an overnight and for longer period of time.

This can help you to develop new skills and some independence.

Supported Independent living and Supported Disability Accommodation

Assisting you to be as independent as you can. 

Connecting to Allied Health Teams.

My Support Loop has strong connections with therapists across regional and Metro South Australia.

From: Recovery Coaches, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists plus many more, we are always willing to find any other therapists that can support your plan implementation, if and when required.

Who we support 

Support people with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, children with special needs, challenging behaviours and their support plans, and people with mental health concerns, there is nothing too hard for our team.