My Support 

My Support Loop brings qualified and passionate support workers and support coordinators, to you and to the community. Through your NDIS funding or privately, we can tailor a package that embraces you and your personality. 

Our support's are designed for you to be connected to your community and maintain social inclusion and maintain independence at home.  It may be to help get your day started, weekly support to do your shopping or help with getting to appointments, or, supports around the house. Your support team can also assist around the home and yard. As well as connecting extra help and supports through Allied health services.

My Support Loop is Accredited Nationally through NDIS, we can tailored better-informed to your needs, goals and lifestyle, you and your family will be able to make better informed decisions and choices to your care. we are all about "UNITY" and together we have the strength to support you in achieving your goals and independence.

Our Services

Assist Personal activities including activities of daily living.

To include assistance/ or supervision with personal needs of daily life, such as showering/bathing, dressing, personal hygiene; grooming; transferring from bed to chair. 

Other activities such as meal preparation, medication assistance, and domestic support including assistance with cleaning, gardening, shopping and attending personal appointments. 

 Assist Life Stage, Transition and Support.

Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages, transitions and supports. Includes short and long-term supports that focus on strengthening the participant's ability to coordinate their supports, and assist people to live at home and participate in their community.

 Individual Life Skills Development

Supporting through the development of life skills, development of behavioural life skills, and daily living support services. It provides support to participants to gain knowledge and confidence that can provide greater independence. 

Support for Community inclusion and social activities.

Assisting you to participate in social and community activities,  medical appointments;  community events, and social groups. Increasing your social inclusion within your community and surrounding areas.

Individual and/or Group Activities

Designed to assist and encourage participants to join in community, social and recreational activities with a group or individually. The goal is to foster an inclusive and stimulating environment in which participants are free to meet new people, make new friends, participate in activities, and learn new skills, all while socialising and having fun. 

Yard and Home Maintenance

gardening, washing windows, cleaning gutters, pruning trees and shrubs. Home maintenance. Supporting you in your garden and around the home keeping your home safe for you.

Household Tasks

Household tasks such as washing, cleaning, changing linen;  cleaning windows, help with household tasks to allow the participant to maintain their home environment. Designed for those who are unable to assist with domestic support.

Support in Short Term Accommodation /respite.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Support Coordination

Behaviour Support, Plan and regulated restrictive practices.

Travel and Transport

Connecting to Allied Health Teams.

My Support Loop has strong connections with therapists across regional and Metro South Australia.

From: Recovery Coaches, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists plus many more, we are always willing to find any other therapists that can support your plan implementation, if and when required.

Who we support 

Support people with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, children with special needs, challenging behaviours and their support plans, and people with mental health concerns, there is nothing too hard for our team.

Service Agreements

All our services are available for anyone with a disability or aged who needs extra support to continue to live independently within their home, including support to those who reside in age care facility or shared homes. You do not need government funding or assessments to access our services.

Our services are flexible and affordable. We will arrange a quote based on your requirements. 

If it is a one-off support or on going help you need, we'll develop a care plan with you that suits you and your needs. With you we will arrange your support schedule and engage directly with your chosen support team. 

To receive our support, you need to have a Service Agreement in place. this is a legal contract between you and My Support Loop and sets out the information about the supports My Support Loop will provide, it is our responsibility to you as our valued member, as well as your responsibility. 

Before we get to the stage of signing service agreements you will meet with one of our support coordinators to discuss the support, care and needs you or your family member requires. when everything is ready, you will be required to sign our Service Agreement, you should read this carefully and our support coordinator or an advocate, will explain it to you if you do not understand before you sign.

How to make payments

Once supports are arranged with My Support Loop, we will can arrange payments to be made from your Plan, Self or NDIS (agency) managed fund for payments. If you require a Plan Manager, we have many options that we can support you to find the right one for you and your plan. 

The NDIA provides a Temporary Transition Payment (TTP) for eligible providers and My Support Loop will be claiming the TTP.

If you are funding yourself or the care of a loved one privately, we will arrange an invoice and schedule for payments with you at the time of our Welcome aboard contact.

Please note: Some of our supports and services may incur an additional out-of-pocket cost that is not claimable from a National Disability Insurance Scheme plan. These costs are typically for entry fees, food and/or beverages, and/or transport.  Private funded members will also incur additional out-of-pocket cost such as transport, food/beverages, entry fees.